Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Diablo 3 Common Errors

Diablo 3 Common Errors
Error-108: Might caused by destoried, damaged or downloaded the incompleted installation files or premuturely shut down the downloader even it display 100%, please give some time for completion.
Error-12:  Caused by unopened global playing.
Error_33&34200:  Server maintenance, try again later.
Error-37 :  Server full, continue trying.
Error-24000:  Caught when try to playing, Blizzard is trying to solve it.
Error_3004,3006,3007&300008:  Several possibilities for these errors, click Here for some specific solutions
Gray Login button: Use battle.net account email address as the account name instead of the Blizzard nickname.
Unauthorized bind: Creat the Battle.net nickname for the account. Click Here for the creation.
Updating Setup Files?: Try Tips and Here.

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