Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Guy4game Diablo 3 Gold bad?

no…no…Of course not! you are wrong!Mr right said,Guy4game Diablo 3 Gold is good and safe!—:)!

I did placed an order, at first a small one.only 1000k Diablo 3 Gold! And waited I dont know how much time less than 15 minutes definitelly… but everything was fine.

and about that “Guy4game Diablo 3 Gold bad service” its nonsense… yeah its hard to trust sites like that.. but I recomend to try yourself with a small amout.. only 1000k!  I also did a larger transaction 6000K with my friend yesterday.

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  1. I just think scaling ALL wow gold pvp gear down to 496 is dumb, i'm all for it scaling down in instanced pvp to lvl the playing field and i think that is a great wow po idea. But why can't my elite tyranical be a little better? Why am i not allowed to have that feeling of progression? Does blizzard expect me to raid now to progress my character? Do they really feel chasing ratings is enough "progression" for pvpers? These are the things that worry me. Just wish blizz was a little more wow gold pas cher vocal, because i do really like some of the changes.