Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Diablo III Legendary Items

There are quite a few legendary items on the Diablo 3 gold auction house at this moment. Much more than you would see equipped on a character in World of Warcraft. Does this mean that “legendary” is devalued?
Not really. The interesting thing about legendary items in Diablo 3 is their level range. I mean, right now we’re seeing legendaries mostly below level 20 (where the majority of players are).
In this market these <20 legendaries aren’t worth much. Players quickly outlevel them and pretty soon blue items will oustrip them for stats. I discuss this in more detail within the diablo 3 gold guild.
There are a few tasty items to be had:
Diablo 3 Auction House Filtered for Legendary
But at the current prices I wouldn’t buy them, or equip them if they dropped. This player (selling at just under 400k gold) has the right idea. He saw the lower level legendaries start to devalue hours into the launch and knows that by the time later act Hell blues are dropping regularly this sword will be an orange coloured text novelty only.
There’s still one  market, even for out of date legendaries. If they’re priced cheap enough most players will be tempted. They’ll think of levelling alts and how the legendaries for their level, give the best stats/dps.
Say you start a new Monk – if you could equip a fine legendary fist weapon by level 9 you would. That’s unique to a Monk though. Legendary armour and weapons used by multiple classes will be in more demand.
If you spot a legendary with a bargain bid price, I’d still go for it. Just don’t spend a large amount of your stash on it!

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